Get to Know SayurBox Farmers and What They Do for You

You click, we harvest, you eat.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in getting to know SayurBox better. We, SayurBox farmers, are always excited to share our values and learn more about the fruit-and-vegetable world with you.

Some of you, whether you just heard of us or are return customers, may be asking what really separates SayurBox with other vegetable suppliers in the current market. So we’d like to let you in on the three main things we strive for on our daily basis:



SayurBox Farm-to-Table concept emphasizes on getting the fresh vegetables directly from local farms to the customers’ tables. So you would click your desired fruit and vegetables for us to harvest and send directly to you within the same day (harvest days).

The Farm-to-Table model does not only mean reducing the layers of distribution between the farms and you. Our farmers get to set their own price for their hard-work, and receive more revenue than if they had to send their produce to retail. Also, our farmers receive actual orders in advance, meaning your vegetables are only harvested once bought. No waste.


Knowing Your Farmers

On every item displayed on our homepage catalogue, you can find the thumbnails of our partner farmers that grow the produce. By clicking the thumbnails you get to read the farm or farmer’s profile, so you can be sure where and how they grow the food you’re about to order. We have 12 partner farmers so far and you can scroll down their profiles here.



We put our huge efforts into sourcing fresh and healthy food. That includes making sure that the produce you receive does not contain pesticide or any dangerous chemicals. However, we want you to be clear on the methods of how your produce are grown. Therefore you also get to see whether your desired item is organic, hydroponic, or simply pesticide-free.

Simply said: you click, we harvest, and you eat healthy 🙂

.Read more of us on our interview with NET TV here, or watch the video here.

Ikuti Kami
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