Wheat & water

Wheat & water combines simple ingredients to create traditional, slow-dried, artisanal pastas. Kneaded in small batches, extruded through bronze dies, and dried at low temperatures, our pastas are creamy yet al dente (“to the tooth,” or with a little bite) and hold sauces perfectly.

Wheat & water stems from my own love of pasta, but more than that it is a declaration of my love for others. Ever since i was young, feeding people—my family, my friends, my neighbors—has been at the heart of how I express love and gratitude. With wheat & water, my goal is to inspire more people to effortlessly gather and create memories around good honest food, and ultimately be touched that their meal was made with lots of love.

Pasta is the simplest food there is—just wheat and water—and yet it can assume a hundred different guises, from cream to curry, from spinach to sardines. It is also the most versatile of foods, for it can be a first course, main dish, side dish or even desert.

So boil up your favorite pasta, choose a sauce that suits your mood and bon appetit!

Ikuti Kami
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