Serasa Salad Dressing

Serasa was Founded by duo sisters, Fitri and Eva. Not so long since their father passed away from cancer in 2015 the duo sister creates serasa three months later. They believe to this valuable business that by making it happen is the best way to remember their father at his best.

For Fitri, eating a vegetable is not only necessary but it also something she always loves to enjoy. She incorporates her travelling experience as the biggest influence in creating salad and dressing innovation. She firmly believes that something good is coming from a good intention.

Since her graduation from college, Eva always knew that she wants to create thing instead of working behind the desk. Her big interest in agriculture and food makes her believe that serasa is bringing message more than just a healthy food. For Eva, taking serasa’s value through the food and knowledge sharing is a great life rewarding.

Ikuti Kami
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