Aunt Julie’s Fresh Farm Salad, So Fresh.


Fresh Farm Salad is now available on

But Why?

Why is SayurBox selling salad as well now..?

Once upon a time this lovely lady, Aunt Julie, created a delicious salad out of the fresh veggie leftovers in the farm. She then generously serve them to the hungry SayurBox team members for lunch.

It was quite a surprise for the team, who wasn’t so used to eating raw vegetables, that the salad was so enjoyable.

“First you feel the crisp texture in your mouth, then you taste the natural sweetness of your bite, then the vinaigrette kicks in with its touch of sour and pepper.. It’s an experience”“I think Aunt Julie cleaned the veggies really well and processed it with such care, you can taste all the natural flavors. Plus, the tuna on top was a really delicious mix”“The vinaigrette dressing is simply lovely, the perfect combination of sweet sour and pepper – I want it on all my salad now”“I never thought of a salad more mouthwatering than this”“I honestly can tell the difference in my level of energy after having the salad”

Thus, the team actually harvested a little more of everything for Aunt Julie to turn into salad every following Wednesday.

One thing led to another, friends and family tasted Aunt Julie’s salad – they want more, they want it regularly, many more friends want more and more and now it’s officially up on SayurBox! Our pre-launch test was a hit, so we just had to share it all of you <3

Get your fresh try on!

If you want to share this lunch idea to the rest of the office, we can arrange a free delivery for you and your friends 🙂

..The salad contains Romaine, Green Oak, Curly Kale, Beetroot, Red Raddish, Japanese Cucumber, Cherry Tomato, Mandarin Orange, Boiled Egg, Tuna, and Aunt Julie’s famous vinaigrette salad dressing.


If you want to quickly make your own salad, check out this little cheat sheet of dressings.

Ikuti Kami
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