How SayurBox Farm-to-Table Concept Works

What does it mean when SayurBox we’re farm-to-table?

SayurBox has been emphasizing on the concept “farm-to-table”. But how does it really work?

1.     You Click

SayurBox functions as your online attendee to our local farms. You get to easily choose what you want us to harvest, by clicking them on our website On each item, you can also see the producers behind it so you will know exactly where your fruit and vegetables come from. Since currently we have two harvest days a week, Wednesday and Saturday, it is also in your hands to choose your delivery date that week. Mind that we have an order deadline for respective harvest days.

2.     Our Farms Harvest

Because your order is specially prepared for you, the farmers need to receive your orders two days before harvest day – this is where the order deadline plays in. So it’s possible for them to only dig, climb, cut, and harvest the items that will be delivered to you that day. This means no produce is wasted or lying around the warehouse, and you know you get only the freshest produce.

3.     You Receive

Alongside the farmers, SayurBox QC team makes sure to double-check the produce quality. It’s paramount to SayurBox that you get the freshest items of your order. So after all these freshly harvested produce get sorted, they get directly put into their respective boxes and on their way across tables in Jakarta.

All in all, the produce travels from local farms to your table within one day.. Supafresh!

.5 times fresher than supermarket. Give it a try.

Ikuti Kami
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