At the beginning PT. Kebun Sayur Segar with its  Parung Farm brand, was growing  only specialized leafy vegetables hydroponically   and aeroponically  in Indonesia. Although it is not the first, now Parung Farm can be considered as one of the largest in its field. PT. Kebun Sayur Segar formally was established in June 2003, although in fact the history of this enterprise  has been started since years before.

In late 1988 we were introduced to some scientists  of Agriculture from the BPPT.. They  were young and they  introduced us  to  technology known as hydroponics.

We are very interested in this technology because from our trials plant grew relatively much better than the traditionally grown plants. Therefore we also began to study various hydroponic technology, reading of books which were often found at  online bookstores  as well as discussions  with experts from   the Faculty of Agriculture, particularly the IPB, and also with practitioners.

After learning the basics of hydroponic technology, even though we are not a not a graduate degree in engineering and agriculture, we saw an opportunity to experiment with the aim to lower the  investment  and operating costs. We intend to find a low cost technology (both in terms of the cost of the investment and operational costs), but which were still able to function properly. This is important, because if we use technology as used in Europe, America and Australia, the investment and operating costs are very high,  the products could not be sold  in Indonesia because  its price was so high, and in the meatime the purchasing power is still relatively low.

After conducting various  trial and error experiments,  working together  with  young  professionals in the field of production and marketing, we decided to start commercial activities by establishing PT. Kebun Sayur Segar.

Now, our products with brand Parung Farm, which are  free from  pesticides, can be found in almost all supermarkets and hypermarkets in the  Jakarta and Bandung, and is expected to be one of the biggest and best manufacturers in the field.

In a further development to meet the needs of markets that require products organically grown vegetables (organic), due to their belief that these products are healthier, because everything is natural we started to grow vegetables organically in the year 2006/2007 in the Cugenang, Cipanas, the hinterland of Jakarta

In the year 2010, our company has been assigned the CERTIFIED ORGANIC as the first company  to obtain this Organic Certificate for growing vegetables organically, from PT. Mutu Agung Lestari, one of Accreditation Company that has been recognized and endorsed by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN).

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