Harvesting Twice A Week!

Harvesting Twice, Delivering Twice 😉

“What is delivery date?”

It is within our effort to bring you the freshest vegetables, that we deliver your order at most one day after harvest. The Delivery Date showing on our homepage indicates when you will be receiving your freshly harvested produce.

Now after 14 weeks delivering on Wednesdays, we managed to catch on another harvest day – Saturday! Yes, that means we’re delivering TWICE a week!

You get to choose your delivery date – Wednesday or Saturday. 

Mind that we have an order deadline two day prior to the delivery date. So the deadlines will be as follow:


For Wednesday Delivery: Monday 4pm


For Saturday Delivery: Thursday 4pm

So, you can have your regular weekday regime and twist it up on the weekends 😉

Come on and test it out, order now on www.sayurbox.com

Ikuti Kami
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