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On this blog, Sayurbox team will be sharing farming stories, healthy recipes, beauty secrets, cooking tips, veggie facts, and basically everything we learned in our journey of providing farm-to-table services.

But first, who’s Sayurbox?

We are a service provider, delivering fresh and chemical-free fruit and vegetables directly from local farmers. We make sure to harvest the finest quality produce within the same day of delivery. Buyers will also get know where their food come from.

Our Mission?

1. Farm to Customer

Sayurbox’s Farm-to-Table model does not only mean reducing the layers of distribution between the farms and you. Our farmers get to set their own price for their hard-work, and receive more revenue than if they had to send their produce to retail.

2. Sustainable Values

Our farmers receive actual orders in advance, meaning your vegetables are only harvested once bought. No waste.

3. For people to have easy access to fresh vegetables

Vegetables can travel up to 6 days to get to consumers’ hands through retail. By then, the prices can already be up to 3x the farmers’ price – especially if the produce is organic. Some organics cannot survive the long process so they naturally become rare and expensive. Hence, we simply want to you to have your vegetables delivered to your doorstep just with a few clicks.

All in all, with Sayurbox Blog, we hope we can have an information trade platform here where you get to also share with us what you know about the veggie world!

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Love your vegetables, love your farmers.

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Ikuti Kami
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