Our favorite ways to eat an avocado

The avocado has always been used for culinary purposes, but in recent years this versatile fruit has risen up among the ranks as a cheap, easy, and healthy meal. There are many ways to prepare and consume this common delectable, and here I will highlight just three of the favorites that are notably simple and easy to do.

Just the half

You heard it here folks. Simply cut the avocado in half, remove the large seed, and dig in! Much like apples and bananas, avocados can be eaten freely. Sprinkle it with your favorite seasoning, take a sauce and cut it into pieces for you to experiment, or if you want, eat it as is. No matter what, it will offer a bunch of healthy nutrients and minerals with it! Try lemon juice and balsamic vinegar with it, if you do not know where to start.

A smooth drink

Guess what? Avocados can be smoothie-fied too! The nutritious and nutty drink is easy to make and easy to digest. Make sure to blend thoroughly, unless you want some odd mix of guacamole and smoothie.

Spread on the bread

If you’re feeling violent, you can mash your avocado into a spread, put it on the bread of your choice, then add what you want to your avocado-spread bread to cater to your own tastes! The avocado oils in the spread are often connected to cancer prevention; a welcome bonus for a healthy meal.

Shown here is avocado spread on small bread pieces next to butternut soup.

These are only a few of our favorites here at SayurBox. Share your favorite ways to eat avocado in the comments below! If you’re looking to buy avocados, it can be done on our own site, linked here. Catch us on the next post, and have a good day!

Ikuti Kami
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