The benefits of raw honey, and why store-bought is bad.

It’s common knowledge that the primary bee product is honey, but the truth behind the honey bought in stores isn’t exactly known. Recently SayurBox has added raw honey straight from Larantuka to the store, but why should anyone eat it when store-bought honey is cheaper and just as sweet? I’ll say why, but first, I must the difference between raw honey and store-bought honey must be defined.

What is raw honey? What is store-bought honey?

Raw honey comes directly from the beehive and is honey in its purest, unspoiled form. Packed with bee pollen and plenty of other vitamins and minerals, raw honey aids greatly in unbalanced nutrition, energy, vitality, and many other health benefits.

Store-bought honey, also known as regular honey, is what one finds in the supermarket. This kind of honey is heavily tampered with in the process it is created, and has little to none of raw honey’s healthy benefits.

If store-bought honey is so bad, what’s wrong with it?

Here’s the gist: commercial beekeepers cannot label honey as ‘pure’ honey if the honey has been directly tampered with, and must then be labeled as a blend. This block worked for a while, until beekeepers found a way around it. When beekeepers harvest the honey, instead of leaving some honey for the bees to eat, they instead leave high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This is a problem, as HFCS leaves the bees weaker, and the following honey created will be lower in quality, as a mixture of honey and HFCS. HFCS is recognized as bad for one’s health; it has been linked to things such as diabetes and heart disease.

But that’s not all. Heavy processing causes the commercialized honey to lack the bee pollen that makes honey so healthy. Honey naturally crystallizes over time unless it is kept at colder temperatures, however, commercialized honey is kept heated, then quickly cooled, which drains the honey of any nutritional value, leaving it as a dead and empty sweet.

Alright. What’s so good about raw honey?

Because raw honey is not tampered with at all, it keeps the important minerals that makes honey so healthy. Both bees and human are benefited from the production of raw honey. This kind of honey contains multiple vitamins, amino acids, and an abundance of B-complex vitamins. It even aids in digesting starchy food and improves the digestive system overall.

I can buy this from SayurBox?

Right here. And below is a picture of our raw honey, directly from Larantuka.

Thank you! I learned a lot from reading this!

Hey, it’s what we aim to do here, in addition to helping people be healthy. Catch us on the next post!

Ikuti Kami
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